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Poised for growth

Sequoia Wealth is a California based independent Financial Advisor serving high net worth individuals, families and the non-profit foundations they represent.

Named for the Giant Sequoia of California, among the oldest living things on earth, we identify with the strength and endurance of tradition. Like these towering natural monuments, we’re solidly grounded and standing tall. Entrusted with your assets, protecting your future wealth.

We understand that broad stroke solutions to private wealth management are a thing of the past – a practice that no longer meets the needs of the current high net worth generation. Respecting tradition but contemporary in approach, we offer flexibility, innovation and a range of practical solutions to meet your unique investment goals.

At Sequoia Wealth we believe that successful wealth management is personal, proactive and responsive to your needs. Our vision is focused on preservation of principal, conservation of resources and the building of multigenerational wealth.

We’ll help you get there

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