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Whether your retirement is still years down the road or has already begun, a sound investment strategy is required to reach and enjoy your life goals.

At Sequoia Wealth, we’re here to walk you through a retirement landscape that’s constantly changing. We specialize in:

  • Inflation protected portfolios
  • Tax-efficient investing for retirement
  • Total-return spending approach
  • Tax-efficient use of retirement savings

Contributing to your 401(k) or establishing an IRA is only the beginning. With life expectancy increasing, you could easily be looking at a retirement that lasts 30 or more years. Having enough income when you get there and knowing it will last, calls for careful guidance and a sophisticated retirement strategy.

Solutions work best when they are easy enough to understand. Depending on your tolerance for risk, emphasizing stocks pre and even post retirement, will provide the greatest potential for growth.

Rebalancing to rely more heavily on income from bonds may be a better fit for you later. Remember, inflation doesn’t take a holiday. If left unchecked, it can take your retirement from you.

In the face of so many unknowns you will face in retirement, we’ll show you the few basics steps that will simplify your future, today.

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