What it Cost?

Wealth Management Services

Added value for you money

We never charge for an initial consultation. It’s important to us that we first understand what your needs are. Then we talk about where we feel we can add the most value.

Sequoia Wealth is a fee-only investment advisor. As a fiduciary, we always place your interests first. We’ve found that a commission based approach, or a combination of commissions and fees, rarely works to you best advantage. Our incentive is not to trade or transact, but to protect and grow your assets over time.

For wealth management services, our fees are based on a percentage of the investments you’ve entrusted us to manage. We have a printed fee schedule, fully transparent, that is based on assets under management.

At Sequoia Wealth we approach things differently. Our services are highly personalized and always fair. If together we determine if it’s a good match, if this feels good. That’s the first and most major step.

We also offer a range of financial planning options, from a set hourly rate based on scope of work and hours to completion, to a fixed rate package for a comprehensive long term financial plan.

For our onboard wealth management clients, financial planning is included as part of our services. Please inquire using the Contact Us page or call our office directly at 760-282-8015. We’re here to help.

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